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Occupy Philly off to a slow start

Occupy Philly, which began four days ago at City Hall, is still trying to find its sea legs


Occupy Wall Street rallies in Washington Square Park

The focus of the rally was growth.


Occupy Wall Street uses art as a form of protest

The "No Comment" art exhibit brings protest art to Wall Street for 24 hours.


Occupy Wall Street organizes security team

Vocal public dissent has begun to penetrate the ranks of the occupied faithful.


Occupy Wall Street protest continues to grow in face of arrests

Occupy Wall Street movement is growing in New York City and across the world.


700 Occupy Wall Street protestors arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge

Occupy Wall Street protestors attempted to march across the Brooklyn Bridge but were met with police opposition.


Occupy Wall Street protesters find happiness and meaning in Zuccotti Park

For many protesters, responsibilities have injected them with hope.


Occupy Wall Street protestors say they are in for the long haul

Occupy Wall Street protestors build community at Zuccotti Park.


A week into protest, “Occupy Wall Street” march on

Eighty members were arrested today, but park occupation continues.