A sign supporting the return of the CHARAS community center to the people of the Lower East Side. Photo Credit...
Too wide to be grasped at once, "Treatise of the Veil" forces the viewer to move literary along its surface, constantly shifting perception. Photo by Maria Panskaya
From Rousseau’s relaxing oil-painting landscapes to Twombly’s charcoal lines to McGuire’s modernistic graphical boards and comic strips, the exhibitions wouldn’t have been possible without generous donations.
Demonstrators from DRUM gathered to call for immigration reform in front of Senator Chuck Schumer's Midtown Manhattan office. (Photo credit: Megan Jamerson)
The issue in question was immigration reform.
As the march comes to a close, some of those who finished early try and get a picture. Photo Credit Raz Robinson
They told the stories of the communities struggling with the effects of climate change.
A group of young children proclaiming their hopes at the People's Climate March on Sunday, September 21. Photo credit: Stacey Kilpatrick
by Stacey Kilpatrick Protestors of the People’s Climate March wanted their voices heard. They shouted, chanted, screamed, marched, danced and...
The 21st century biker-pirate, Juan Camacho, on the West Side Highway. Photo by Maria Panskaya
Eye patches, plastic swords, loose fitting flowing pirate shirts and, most important, motorcycles, were all that was needed to participate in the ride.