The Pretty Reckless, a New York City based band. Photo courtesy of  Wikipedia by Stacey Kilpatrick Through a mop of...
Undocumented immigrants understand that midterm elections can be even more important than the presidential election.
New Yorkers give their thoughts on the upcoming elections.
In six populous states; 69 percent said that they plan to vote in this upcoming election.
Since 1964, young voters ages 18-24 have consistently voted at lower rates than other age groups.
by Megan Jamerson and Neil Giardino Staten Island is only a short ferry ride south of Manhattan, but when it...
Homeless voters and their advocates talk about the upcoming elections.
The 2014 TCS New York City was a vibrant, colorful fun time for New Yorkers, runners and tourist.
Gena Wilson was one of the last people to finish the NYC marathon yesterday.
Planted firmly at the course’s ninth mile marker, sisters Naerim Kim and Chaerim Smith screamed in support of their older sister Lana Kim, who passed just moments before.
The terror didn't end her enthusiasm to attend marathons in New York City. She is confident about the resilience of New Yorkers.
Temperatures were at a frigid 52 degrees and wind speeds up to 26mph. Officials said it was slowing down runners by five minutes on average.
The Bronx is known for being one of the most tiring spots in the TCS New York City Marathon.
Events like the New York City marathon are good for the world.
Cow bells and kazoos sounded around bright posters and costumed supporters who came to watch 40,000 people who signed up for 26.2 miles of leg work.
While waiting for the next wave of runners, she went to middle of the street and collected the clothing the runners threw off their now warmed up bodies.
The street is crowded with sidewalk bands, people hanging out of apartment buildings waving flags, and a nearby church holds a cookout.
Teacher unions, which hold a lot of power in the Democratic Party, now oppose the Common Core.
Aoiko Moisu, from Tokyo, Japan, participated in the marathon for the second time, proudly wearing traditional samurai attire.
The race for New York’s 11th Congressional District seat has been one of the most competitive in the current election cycle.
The 10-point Women’s Equality Agenda seeks to improve many aspects of women’s lives, including pay equity, access to abortion and protection for domestic abuse victims.
More than half of the Russian population cannot be considered fluent in English.
Latinos have become an increasingly important voting bloc.
But harnessing big data’s power for local elections and other grassroots campaigns has proven difficult.
Only 10 Republicans currently hold city, state or federal elected positions in the five boroughs, and nine of them represent neighborhoods in Staten Island and south Brooklyn.
Polls show lower voter engagement and motivation this year than in 2010, the previous midterm elections.
Assemblyman Alec Brook-Krasny at a debate in Dyker Heights. Photo by Bailey Wolff
Alec Brook-Krasny, who immigrated to the US in 1989 from Moscow, hopes to be elected for his fifth consecutive term and to continue the debates that he values so much.
by Christina Dun Sarah Sanneh, cofounder of Brooklyn eatery, Pies n Thighs, talks about her delicious business. Did you like...
The performance revealed the uncensored side of homelessness,