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Demonstrators plead for Lyme disease awareness

Lyme disease advocates want to put pressure on the media to give the disease the attention it deserves.


Border children rarely have a happy ending

Lack of understanding their legal rights causes more despair.

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On 9/11: The oldest city church holds a mass of peace, filled with memories and comfort

St. Paul’s Chapel served as a sanctuary for rescue workers and volunteers alike.

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On 9/11: Bringing the message to children

Hate is what these men say they want to help children deal with.

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On 9/11: Difficult conversations with children

Lori Crotty, 53, from Summit, NJ visited the 9/11 Memorial to commemorate the death of her husband on the attack. […]

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On 9/11: Witnesses remember

“Sometimes you have to get knocked down to realize what it means to get back up again.”

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On 9/11: Motorcycles roar through the streets to honor fallen

“Never forget those souls.”

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On 9/11: A pub is filled with joy in remembrance

A place to come back to each year to honor and remember, but also to celebrate life


Long term effects of Depo Provera may outweigh benefits

The birth conroll drug is also disproportionately prescribed to women of color


Sister Missionary

A change in policy has set off ripples of transformation in the Mormon Church.