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Trangendered woman lives with HIV

It is estimated that 56 percent of African-American male-to-females tested positive for HIV, double the estimated rate of HIV infection in the entire MTF transgender community.


Orthodox Jewish communities sweep abuse under rug

One in four women in the United States will suffer domestic violence in her lifetime. But for the Orthodox Jewish community, the secretive way they handle it differs from the norm.


Nigerian cadet excels at West Point

There’s one question no cadet escapes, according to Michael Njokuobi, a senior at West Point Military Academy: “Unless you come from a military family, everyone here gets asked why they joined the military.”


NYC Marathon: ‘The real winners’

Long after the elite runners had finished, the floodlights had been dimmed and the crowds had thinned to nothing, the […]


NYC Marathon: A first-time runner

Thousands of veteran and first-time marathon runners rode the ferry from the Staten Island Station in Manhattan to Staten Island, where shuttle buses took them to the start at Verrazano Bridge.


NYC Marathon: Ethiopian pride

While most fans standing at the finish line of the New York City Marathon kept their eyes fixed on the runners, Terguame Haddis and Selome Argaw couldn’t keep their eyes off each other.


NYC Marathon: Embracing community

Droves of residents and local business owners gathered on both sides of Bay Ridge’s Fourth Avenue to cheer on the athletes.


NYC Marathon: ‘Team for Kids’

Andrew Wint stood on Lafayette Avenue in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, on Sunday as the New York City marathon runners rushed by. He scoured the crowd searching for those wearing neon-yellow jerseys matching the one he wore.


NYC Marathon: What’s left behind

Marathoners know how to run, but they also know how to leave behind a mess. Fortunately, cleanup teams know how to get rid of it.


NYC Marathon: A cheerleader in Central Park

Laurie Perlberg jumped up and down and clapped her hands as runners in the New York City Marathon breezed past her on the east side of Manhattan’s Central Park.