Ground Zero


Twenty years later 9/11 firefighters struggles with his health

Minogue said it was like a scene from a movie, with so much ash falling that it was almost black.


9/11 Photographers remember the day

On the 18th anniversary of 9/11 the photographs of Franklin and other photojournalists  work bear witness to the memories of the day when nearly 3000 people were killed in terrorists attacks.


NYC Fire Museum holds 9/11 memorial service

The New York City Fire Museum marked the 18th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks Wednesday with a memorial […]


Seeking comfort in the “Truth”

   They believe the "truth" is the only real comfort for the attacks.


New friendships forged from the aftermath of 9/11 — 16 years later

The two stood close. An onlooker would not have known that, even an hour before, neither had known the other existed.


At Ground Zero, Truther preaches to anyone willing to listen

The entire event was orchestrated in order to use fear as a mechanism to pressure people into allowing the government to take more control over their lives, he said.

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On 9/11 mourners and tourists remember the victims

Mourners and families gather near ground zero to remember.

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The 9/11 truth from the “Truthers”

Their main allegation is that the Twin Towers and Tower 7 collapsed from a controlled demolition, and the plane crashes were just a diversion.

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14 Years Later: Remembering and Celebrating

“God Bless America,” the message Wanda Thompson, a New York resident, left on a mural on Church Street on Sept. […]

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On 9/11: A pub is filled with joy in remembrance

A place to come back to each year to honor and remember, but also to celebrate life