Their minds are already made up.
The Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN) reports that every year, nearly 400,000 children and adults are victims of sexual assault. As rampant as the issue is, only a handful – about six in 1,000 – perpetrators are sentenced to prison.
According to a recent NBC Poll 70 percent of Republican women support the judge despite the sexual assault allegations.
"I was wrong," she said. "It’s not that easy to judge who they are.”
A lot of the pain and anger Puerto Ricans feel is based on the neglect of the federal government.
Protesters believe that the federal government is to blame.
Earlier this month, the FDA issued a warning letter to many e-cigarette producers, including Juul, Blue and Logic, giving them 60 days to get the product out of minors hands or risk being pulled from the market.
Protesters claim that the Chinese government is arbitrarily detaining members of Muslim minority communities in political detention centers.
The L train, which carries over 400,000 riders daily, is shutting down beginning in April 2019 to repair damages caused by Superstorm Sandy in 2012.
But not all Boston residents support the annual event, often referred to as “Hempfest”
He believes that being Muslim will simply add a diverse perspective to the state’s legislature.
President Trump claimed that the numbers went up “like magic.”
Cynthia Nixon supporters watch the 2018 New York Democratic primary results roll in at Cafe Omar in Flatbush, Brooklyn. The...
The high rates of doctor suicide they believe are increasing because hospital systems severely overwork their physicians.
Brooklyn is changing.
   They believe the "truth" is the only real comfort for the attacks.
Mark Weng is grateful for surviving the September 11th terrorist attacks. Many of the customers at Footmart, the Lower Manhattan...
The run was not a race, but a relay team effort in which runners of all ages and fitness levels participated.
As people watched, many were overwhelmed with the memories of being within the smoke that overtook the screen in front of them.
“I’ll always remember the smell of burning electric wire and cement, hazing over the whole area for months.”
"At the same time, this is a day, that isn't business as usual."
While the show has been open for almost two years, this is their first performance on the anniversary of 9/11.
One by one, mourners approached the podium, each reciting a portion of the names of the fallen responders.
"We need a movement where everyone can say, just stop, it needs to stop."
Desmond Napoles,10, started dressing in drag when he was two years old.
Hurricane Maria has caused many Puerto Ricans to leave the island.
A student celebration of Israel is met by protestors.
Toloache 50, in Midtown, is a Mexican restaurant that serves grasshopper tacos
From early yesterday morning til well past sundown, family, friends and community members collected where the shooting occurred to demonstrate.
Produced by Sarah Ellis and Claire Tighe Additional Editing by Marjan Riazi
Shoppers can try and buy whatever product they like without being judged.
NYC smokers may have one less public space to light up.
Coming to the U.S. has been a chance for the Moussa children to get the education they lost growing up in a war zone.
NYCHA residents unite to fight for better housing conditions.
The day in photos.
Many of the speakers expressed their desire to be able to vote, even if they still haven’t reached 21 years of age.
A pop-up barbershop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Scissors and Clippers, is offering haircuts for women with short hair and LGBTQ-identified folks, who often feel uncomfortable in regular barbershops and salons.
Hundreds of thousands gathered in Washington DC to protest against gun violence.
Thousands of people marched on Upper West Side this past Saturday in a March for Our Lives. People of all ages gathered with hand-drawn signs to stand up against gun violence. Gun protesters and gun owners who attended the march agree that the second amendment is outdated and too many innocent lives have been lost to firearms.
The South Bronx has been dubbed a “food desert,” and three groups are attempting to change that stereotype, but face a battle when even well-laid plans collide with real life.
Local students discuss the Parkland shooting
Two taxi drivers committed suicide over the struggle.
For Enrico Bruzzese, Lyme has stolen his daughter Julia’s childhood.
New York City’s “AP For All” plan to increase college access may be misguided.
When she learned she was undocumented and the negativity surrounding it, she started calling herself a Dreamer.
Meet Fresh has over 600 locations across the globe in locations including China, Japan, Los Angeles and now New York City.
New York’s first dogfriendly cafe, Boris & Horton has opened in the East Village.
Two weeks ago, the Department of Housing and Preservation issued a vacate order for the 75 people living at 85 Bowery.
The shrinking of the city’s prison population has given rise to a different kind of population -- people trying to find their way back into society after spending time behind bars.
 President Donald Trump recently imposed tariffs on imported solar energy panels, causing prices to go up by 30 percent...
Few members of Black Lives Matter of Greater New York rally in support of Deborah Danner's family as they attend the trial of the NYPD officer who killed her. The lack of attendance​ brings into question the future of the Black Lives Matter movement and its​ message.
Every first Saturday of a month, a group of pro-life protesters and church members of Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral head to Planned Parenthood on Mulberry St. to protest abortions. Now pro-choice activists are holding their own counter protests.
Muslim women protested in front of City Hall today.
Some New Yorkers have had enough of the legendary filmmaker and actor. Allegations of sexual abuse has plagued the latter part of his career.
The island’s battered infrastructure continues to be a problem and many believe it won’t be able to handle the increasing threat of climate change if no changes are made.
It is the the year anniversary of the announcement of the ban.
More than 40 Puerto Rican transplants have landed in Hudson County, New Jersey as a direct result of Hurricane Maria, according to the Jersey City Board of Education.
After 23 years in the West Village, Babu Fullsink’s cash register at the Hudson Diner will go silent at the end of the month. He decided to close because he was getting older and couldn’t keep up with the physical demands of restaurant work.
Bennett and Garcia decided to transfer after barely managing one semester on the recovering island.
According to the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, the youngest survivors today are said to be 73 years old.
For the first time in American history, U.S. politics has been dictated by a president’s appetite to tweet.
Education about their community is key.
Unemployment is high in Ghana.
In groups of three to five people, HOPE volunteers are assigned a certain amount of blocks to canvass in one of the city’s five boroughs. They spend roughly four hours — from midnight to 4 a.m. — asking everyone they encounter if they have a place to sleep that night.
Six years ago, Aca was an undocumented immigrant working as a busboy at the Trump SoHo Hotel. Today, he has legal status and an associates degree in commercial photography. He is working towards a bachelors in international affairs at Baruch College.
when New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that the state would cover the costs to re-open the statue, eager tourists rushed to lower Manhattan to cross Liberty Island off their list of must-see attractions.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo is backing the city’s latest proposal to raise money for the MTA - congestion pricing.
The year has been a year fraught with political turmoil for much of the United States, with major changes on...
Pavement Pieces reporters took to the streets to see what New Yorkers think about the current state of gun control.
For $40 you can buy a felt pigeon in Washington Square Park
Memories of growing up hitting the keys.
Thiru Kumar, also known as Dosa Man, has been a food fixture at Washington Square Park for the past 16 years.
After 20 years, high rent, is forcing the beloved the Greenwich Village clocks shop to close.
Hundreds took to the streets of Manhattan to protest the Trump administration on the one year anniversary of his election.
Neighbors are worried that development plans could lead to further gentrification of Crown Heights.
Sandy victims and others marched for climate change on the 5th anniversary of the hurricane which, claimed 117 lives and caused $75 million in damages.
The enrollment period for the Affordable Care Act opened and health care advocates say getting the word out is key.
Eight were killed and 11 injured when a 29-year-old man plowed a truck through a crowded bike path in Lower Manhattan. It was the deadliest terrorist attack since 9/11.
Five years after Hurricane Sandy, New Yorkers take to the streets to protest climate change.
Stroke patients, survivors, and patients with other disabilities perform a slew of dance routines in celebration of World Stroke Day.
The 5th Avenue statue on J.Marion Sims celebrates a man who tortured slave women with gynecological experiments, protestors say.
he film genres range from documentaries, fiction, animation and autobiographical stories.
For some, the ban is a reflection of the tendency to attach Muslims to the stigma of terrorism. For others, national security prevails over human rights.  
With the unpredictable nature of both leaders, many Korean Americans have been left to merely speculate about possible outcomes.
The protest took place on the start of the Jewish holiday of Sukkot which symbolizes vulnerability.
Under the banner of “racial justice,” demonstrators drew connections between the struggles faced by people of color locally in New York City and the actions of the federal government, especially those of the last week.
Southern Boulevard was filled with donations.
The state of New York is home to over a million people who identify as Puerto Rican, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, the largest number in any state.
The fractured commonwealth’s economy is estimated to have pay between $30 billion to $95 billion in damages associated with Hurricane Maria.
Protestors marching for Puerto Rico outside of the Jacob K. Javits Federal Building yesterday. Photo  by Monay Robinson Protesters gathered outside...
Protesters with the group Movement for Justice in El Barrio hold signs protesting the mayor’s plan to rezone East Harlem....
The group of about 15 city officials joined together to display unity against the president’s tweets.
Visitors at The Women’s Building Block Party yesterday wrote their visions for the new Women’s Building. Responses read, “Liberation!” “Justice!”...
A rally gave advocates and tenants a voice.
The Chinese government outlawed the practice of Falun Gong to “protect human rights and the interests of the public,” according to the Chinese Embassy’s website.
hundreds of protesters congregated on the steps of the U.N. Plaza to protest for the socio-political and human right issues that has risen in the Middle East and domestically in the U.S.
Some demonstrators also want a stronger response from the U.S. regarding what they see as the tyranny being perpetrated by leaders of their countries
Yesterday was the anniversary of the 1988 Massacre where more than 30,000 political prisoners were executed.
But the introduction of basic technology, such as a working website or searchable database, can make a crucial difference in the work of abortion providers, advocates, and clients.
Danza wasn’t the only celebrity sighting at the Feast, Chazz Palminteri, writer and Academy Award-nominated actor, was this year’s Grand Marshal.
Like the business owners around him, Cano celebrates Mexican Independence day as a means of staying connected to his culture.
Mourners held their heads down, sniffled back tears, held hands or embraced loved ones as they entered the funeral service.
Some installations focus on the role of African American women in society, while others call attention to the years of slavery.
For Calderón, it’s not the number of Latino leaders in power that is the issue in their community but the ideology and policies that they set forth.
A brief ribbon cutting by Mahlangu was marked by most people holding their phones up in the air, slightly tilted towards the ground to get a better perspective of the mural's patterns.
The MTC acknowledge that these ride-share services fill a crucial gap in the transportation needs of citizens that they cannot fill.
Such was the struggle with many of the cases involving undocumented victims. Their careful attempts at staying hidden in life meant that their deaths were likely to go unnoticed as well.
Despite the church’s involvement in the rescue efforts after the collapse of the buildings, only about 40 spectators attended this year’s commemorative ceremony.
Among the roughly 2,750 people who died that Tuesday morning, many were regulars of O’Hara’s, whether it was for an after-work drink with a colleague or on their lunch break for a burger and fries.
The two stood close. An onlooker would not have known that, even an hour before, neither had known the other existed.
The entire event was orchestrated in order to use fear as a mechanism to pressure people into allowing the government to take more control over their lives, he said.
Many of the volunteers have unforgettable memories of 9/11 remember.
Sixteen years later, the crowds have thinned, but the church continued its tradition of holding space in remembrance of that day and months following.
For years, people have been coming back to St. Paul’s Chapel on the 9/11 anniversary to remember. It stands just steps from Ground Zero, and miraculous suffered no damage.
But the road to recovery, after decades in prison, is hard.
Christina Martinez won't stop fighting for the undocumented.
The viral hashtag was false but a disproportionate amount of women and girls of color go missing each year. And it's under reported.
Street Squash After School program in Harlem is a haven for kids.
Increased tensions bring fear.
Ida Burton, 57, or Duchess Down Lo, has been playing roller derby for nearly seven years. Burton yearned for the feeling of playing a team sport and after watching her daughters play sports growing up, Burton found her love in derby.
At his 100th day in office, President Trump has the lowest approval ratings of any modern president. In New York City, residents give President Trump mixed reviews.
On average, the bridge is the site of a suicide attempt every 3.5 days
Niche is the key for independent booksellers.
Black Girls Code, a non-profit organization founded in 2011, worked with a tech company SmartGurlz to teach girls how to code.
St Mark's Church In the Bowery uses the holy day to remember the dead.
Jose Ramirez, 36, stands alongside the Trans-Manhattan Expressway in Washington Heights. Ramirez, a heroin addict, is among several thousand of...
Young international students are rethinking their place in America.
Using a silk aerial hammock suspended from the ceiling, Aerial Yoga students at Honor Yoga in Jackson, NJ explore new and traditional yoga postures with their body weight either partially or fully supported. Students say that this allows for expanded flexibility, increased range of motion, a lengthened spine, and relaxed nervous system while also building strength.
Bailey has seen first-hand what a syringe program can do to improve the lives of drug users, having started his involvement in the Corner Project in 2006 as a homeless IV cocaine user.
The Trump protests have become a staple of New York City life.
City Kids join the fight against Betsy DeVos.
The nationwide protests give Ellaithy comfort and hope.
President Trump’s opposition has a lot to protest about.
Listen to an an NYC yellow cab driver who is a Muslim immigrant grapple with his developing view of what life in America is becoming for him and his family.
New Yorkers protest the confirmation of Education Secretary nominee Betsy DeVos
For many, what they wanted to result from the rallies and the protests was clear.
#DeleteUber is trending on Twitter.
Medical students skip class to protest the repeal of Obamacare in front of the Fox News building in Midtown, Manhattan....
Amid loud chants of "Dump Trump", protesters chatted excitedly with their neighbors. They complimented each other's signs. They munched side by side on free vegan donuts being passed around.
Concerned New Yorkers gathered at JFK International Airport’s Terminal 4 to protest President Trump’s executive order that barred entry into...
Though the crowd was unimpressive in number, that didn’t detract from the excitement his supporters felt on the first day of his presidency.
As the crowds walked onto the Washington Monument lawn, one of the giant screen viewing areas, small groups of people began to chant “Trump, Trump, Trump!” But protestors came to watch the swearing in of the controversial 45th president too.
In the basement of Judson Memorial Church, in Greenwich Village, women from all of New York City’s five boroughs gathered to participate in the Muslim Community Network’s Self defense class. They come together to fight back against a hostile political climate.
These men came to America with nothing except an idea. They left their families, friends and the few things they owned for freedom. They came for a chance to work, earn and build a better life.
Jeffrey Deskovic is one of 1,934 of the wrongly convicted who have been released from prison. Rebuiliding his life is hard.
Many homes participate in the neighborhood Christmas decorating tradition, but some take it over the top.
This year, over 2,700 seniors will march at 35 schools across 12 cities.
Hip Williamsburg used to be an Italian haven.
My final, Hail Mary attempt required tapping into the deeply rooted emotions of my dad. Cue the guilt trip.
As Donald Trump has gained prominence in the past year, other impersonators have joined Di Domenico in making a good living by playing the GOP nominee.
Graduate students from New York University’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute spent a recent weekend in the swing state Pennsylvania,...
Alice Tan Ridley never made it to Broadway, but she belts underneath it.
Jeffrey Almonte is a 20-year-old Harlem native and content creator. Almonte's video, where he breaks down displacement in Harlem through his critique of an INSIDER Food video on Harlem and the iconic chopped cheese sandwich, went viral.
Kyle Fox sits in Washington Square Park and listens to people's stories.
After Donald Trump threatened to prosecute his opponent and Hillary Clinton seized on a vulgar taped conversation Trump had to make her case against him during the second debate, the final debate was bound to get tumultuous.
Luke Woodard, 27, of Melbourne, Australia, describes his journey of starting his business, Sweatshop Cafe and Design Studio, in Brooklyn, NY.
Peter May is a fixture at Washington Square Park.
The School for the Dogs in the East Village trains dogs and their owners.
Conditions on the mountains are declining and the sport is becoming more expensive with the price of lift tickets high and equipment even higher, athletes said.
The Stein/Baraka ticket is on the ballot in 44 states, and the District of Columbia.
Larry loves pigeon and in Washington Square Park he is surrounded by them.
The WPA helps women reunite with their children, find employment, and reestablish themselves after leaving the criminal justice system.
They are looking at the engineer of the train to see if he is at fault.
Rikers Island has a notorious reputation.
The prison currently houses roughly 8,000 people, the majority of whom are Black or Latino.
Tensions rose nationwide after the fatal shooting of Terence Crutcher, 40, of Tulsa Oklahoma last week and Keith Lamont Scott, 43, of Charlotte North Carolina this past week, and protests erupted nationwide.
The first entertainment earthquake Gordon caused was the global mainstreaming of shock rock in the late ‘60s, via his young client Alice Cooper.
Thousands of protesters did not want Rouhani, who they see as a ruthless dictator, to address the UN General Assembly.
During the two hours that Rahami was inside the laundromat, the Union County Bomb Squad, Federal Bureau of Investigation and New Jersey State Police were just down the road investigating the backpack full of explosives that police believe Rahami had planted at the Elizabeth Train Station.
The protesters gathered to express anger and frustration toward Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto’s New York visit and to remind the president of the 2nd anniversary of the mass disappearance of 43 students that took place in Iguala, Guerrero.
As people ran up the street, some took cover in the salon.
Some fans are longing for a change.
Some of the protestors held news clippings featuring Eric Garner, who was placed in a lethal chokehold by NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo in 2014.
For 11 days the Feast of San Gennaro takes over the small Little Italy neighborhood that borders Soho, Tribeca, The Lower East Side and Chinatown.
Cyclists demand safety.
Oxfam America, a global organization that addresses poverty, hunger and injustice arranged used refugee life jackets on Pebble Beach at...
But a new contract is not in place.
It quickly became clear none of the debaters were Trump supporters.
With nearly one million Muslims, New York is reportedly among the states with the highest Muslim population.
Their main allegation is that the Twin Towers and Tower 7 collapsed from a controlled demolition, and the plane crashes were just a diversion.
Hundreds of thousands of people from 50 states and over 100 countries have visited the National September 11 Memorial & Museum since it opened five years ago.
On the first anniversary of 9/11, the Mayor of London and the Archbishop of Canterbury presented the Bell of Hope to St. Paul’s Chapel, which has been operating in Manhattan since colonial times.
With the average age of a high school freshman being between 13- 15, no one in the ninth grade and below would have been born for the events of 9/11.
This was their last social studies class before the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks that changed their city and the world.
Following the 9/11 attacks, Chinatown suffered an economic depression.
A special report by the staff of Pavement Pieces explores Harlem today. Video by Amina Srna (Virtual Reality video must...
Despite recent unanimous support from politicians, some think that the wage gap continues to persist because women choose fields that pay less than men, such as early childhood-education and psychology versus STEM fields.
The Sanders campaign estimated 27,000 New Yorkers attended the rally.
Opening day at Yankee Stadium is rained out
NYPD officer Peter Liang fatally shot East New York resident Akai Gurley in an the unlit stairwell.
Cold rain and frigid temperatures just a few days after a balmy 70 degrees in New York City
Julie Lamb arranges a supply order with one of stone sources in NYC’s diamond district. Photo by Eugene Y. Santos...
Soda tax proposals are spreading.
It was commuting as usual at Penn Station.
About half of the shootings in NYC are gang related. Because the majority of gangs and street crews are made...
If you’re going to buy milk, purchase it from a milk bank the FDA states, which New Yorkers will soon be able to due with the state’s first milk bank slated to open on Mother’s Day.
Republican frontrunner Donald Trump has proposed a policy that would temporarily, yet completely, ban Muslims from the United States should he be elected president.
Neighborhood residents will finally have a chance to see the center, a staple of the neighborhood for decades, be rebuilt near their waterfront.
A key issue around the rezoning is the conflict between what residents see as a potential for gentrification and over-development.
The “Made in New York” label is not just a marketing ploy.
Three Christmases after Superstorm Sandy wreaked havoc in New York, Staten Island couple Helena and John Mahon have something to...
Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church transforms into a homeless shelter.
Seventy-four is the average age that residents of Brownsville live to be and it is the lowest rate of life expectancy in New York City according to the City’s Health Department.
Rents have risen and so have the cost of artist studios.
The busy, but quiet neighborhood is abuzz with recent news of the 65-year-old complex receiving a new owner.
Many Puerto Ricans are fleeing the island, and migrating to America’s major cities like Florida and New York, to escape the hardships of the economic crisis.
New York City has been on a consistently high terrorism alert following a series of terrorist attacks abroad and domestically.
An estimated 22 veterans a day lose their lives to suicide.
one of the main challenges for girls from minority communities who want to get into technology, including Latina or African-American girls, is economics.
On December 1st, an UberRUSH went on strike.
“Customers should know what goes into their food.”
The staff of Pavement Pieces, traveled to Baltimore for a 3-day multimedia project.
Eight hours later she crossed the finish line.
Jackie McMahon is all smiles as she anxiously waits in Bay Ridge for her NYPD coworker to run by in...
Kishel John holds a sign and cheers at the 2015 New York City Marathon. Photo by Taisha Henry Hundreds of...
This year for her first marathon, Glyptis and his daughters have been following Marilena at every stop possible to encourage her every step of the way.
Armed with a cowbell in one hand, she screamed advice to the runners that were slowed down by leg cramps and encouragement to those weary from the run as they pushed on.
A former electronics technician for the U.S Navy, Johnson is a disabled veteran who was no stranger to the demands of a marathon, finishing the race with flying colors, as well as two prosthetic legs.
Though traditionally a quieter part of New York City, those exiting the 3rd Avenue - 138 Street subway station were met with the sound of live jazz and cheering as loud as the bright green uniforms worn by volunteers passing out water and bananas to runners.
Park rangers and police officers were turning away people with without identification bands. In addition to Van Briesen Park, Fort Wadsworth itself was accessible only to runners, police officers, and park rangers.
Every time the crowd’s cheers grew louder, signifying the arrival of another wheelchair athlete, the ex-Marine smiled. “This is what we’re fighting for,” he said.
The lead singer of the Kennedy Administration tells her story.
Paul Sanchez, a New York photographer, on how he started his career and why he loves photographing in New York.
Singer Taiwan Norris, practices at the Riverside Church in Harlem, NY in preparation for his Carnegie Hall debut.
Michael Blooms loves to play chess at the Chess forum in Greenwich Village.
Poep Francis brings his message of love, hope and acceptance to the city. But he also brings inconvenience and controversy.
New York City generates more than $15 billion in annual sales—and this makes New York City the largest retail market in the US, according to the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC).
As a free event that is open to the public, the untraditional space liberates the viewers from expectations often associated with museums and brick and mortar galleries.
About 200 people attended the Times Square demonstration, which was part of a two day effort.
While some participated in the competition, others informed guests about prostate cancer, and what they or a loved one could do to prevent it.
City officials, residents, chaplains, community outreach organizations, and residents of all races, walked a mile, praying and chanting to Ebbets Field.
But the impact of high housing prices on their lives wasn’t the only thing drawing people to the park.
A few idle visitors walked by to check out the various homemade pizzas lining the picnic table style stand for the family’s bar. They walked away empty-handed.
Carly Fiorina held her own among the 10 large personalities with which she was confronted.
A quick rundown on some fun moments in the CNN-hosted debate
Strategists and average Americans alike no longer need to wait for the results of formal polls to understand the political climate as viewers' theories and opinions are instantly shared online.
Trump and Fiorina, who previously exchanged some harsh public words, were up first with some tough questions about whether she would trust him with nuclear codes (the answer was no).
There was a degree of nostalgia for the religious climate of the United States that flourished in the aftermath of the attacks.
Sam Kedem(left) and Les Speiser (right) were first responders during the Ground Zero Relief effort and meet every year for...
In Maryland, she works as a nurse and remembered how the attack on the Pentagon made everyone so anxious. She saw how intensely everyone was affected, and how vulnerable people became.
Her sister would not give up, she insisted she leave, and that they meet at the McDonald's in the area. Gutierrez gave in and decided to leave the building.
Though the hundreds of individuals that walk into One World Trade Center everyday can likely recall precisely where they were when the towers were hit, for many the tragedy is something to remember, not relive.
“God Bless America,” the message Wanda Thompson, a New York resident, left on a mural on Church Street on Sept....
A$AP Ferg hosts the first-ever Ferg Fair in Harlem.
After spending 23 months in prison, Kim Morris is now an aspiring entrepreneur.
This documentary navigates the living conditions of the remaining town residents.
Its dark rituals, involving human and animal remains and even grave robbing, are practiced in extreme secrecy.
After grueling one month long journeys that span over 1,000 miles, undocumented immigrants from Central America reach the United States with no where to turn.
Joe Quinn, lost his brother in 9/11 and severed multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, but now he serves by leading Team Red, White and Blue, which supports returning vets.
Shortly after the funeral of Freddy Gray, Baltimore erupted in violence. Gray, 25, is the most recent victim of suspected police brutality.
The mouth bling trend has made it to the mainstream. From the days of Nelly and Paul Wall, grillz are in the spotlight once again and they're not just being spotted on pop stars and super models.
The first step a baseball pitcher needs to take to avoid injury is learning how to throw properly.
According to a March 29th Pew Research Center Poll 59 percent of democrats say there is a “good chance” they will vote for Clinton.
It’s a complex and multi-cultural place about as rich and spicy as its cuisine.
For 17 years she has worked 12 hours a day, 6 days a work in Philadelphia's Chinatown.
Although beauty and technology may sound like an unlikely pairing, the industry is becoming more popular.
At Rosa's Fresh Pizza, customers can buy slices in advances for the homeless.
No private bathroom, no kitchen and no stove make daily life very hard
Each broadcast incorporates Kichwa lessons, Andean tunes, and community workshops on issues that matter most to Latino migrant communities in New York and the nation.
Deciding the style for African American women’s crowning glory is an intimate, almost soul-searching process.
A unique marketing tool and a way to get up close with customers.
The battle for a high school diploma is often a losing one.
The Chinese government imposes tariffs on certain imported goods, so the retail prices are much higher in China than here. Some e students saw the opportunity and buy goods here and sell them to China at a markup. 

Members of Make The Road NY sing songs, share meals, and learn about their rights. Above is Angel Vera, of...
To help the women loosen up she encourages students to wear lingerie and heals during the class.
New York is one of the most fashionable and technologically savvy cities in the world. And now we’re seeing the...
Pilotage, a Midtown Manhattan hobby shop sells off the shelf models like this one daily as drones have become more...
Smiles and anguish as The Rise members hold a wall sit in unison. Photo Credit: Ben Shapiro On top of...
Akai Gurley, was shot by a rookie police officer in a dark stairwell at the Louis H. Pink Houses in East New York, Brooklyn.
Thousands of New Yorkers cried out in protest over the Grand Jury decision not to indict the police officer who chocked the unarmed man to death.
Hundreds of New Yorkers hit the streets in protest after the news that Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson would not face charge in the death of unarmed teen, Michael Brown.
Shortly after Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson was not indicted for the murder of unarmed teenager  Michael Brown, hundreds of protestors gathered in Union Square to voice their anger at the grand jury decision.
The Pretty Reckless, a New York City based band. Photo courtesy of  Wikipedia by Stacey Kilpatrick Through a mop of...
But harnessing big data’s power for local elections and other grassroots campaigns has proven difficult.
Only 10 Republicans currently hold city, state or federal elected positions in the five boroughs, and nine of them represent neighborhoods in Staten Island and south Brooklyn.
Alec Brook-Krasny, who immigrated to the US in 1989 from Moscow, hopes to be elected for his fifth consecutive term and to continue the debates that he values so much.